University of Washington - Global Innovation Exchange

Appalachian State University

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies focused in Digital Media Production: Fall 1999 - Fall 2002
Minor in Asian Studies, Exchange in Niigata, Japan

Additional Coursework


Best Technical Achievement, Megateam - September 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon
Best VR Sound Experience, Optopoculus Max - April 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon
Best Technical Achievement, W.A.A.G.E.L. - September 2016 Seattle VR Hackathon
Best VR Sound Experience, Expecto Patronus - April 2016 Seattle VR Hackathon


Lead Organizer, Ableton User Group Seattle
Founder and Lead Organizer, Max User Group Seattle


Unity Certified Developer
Ableton Certified Trainer, July 2016
Certified Technology Specialist, Avixa (formerly Infocomm), May 2018
CPR, May 2015

Professional Experience

University of Washington

Computer Maintenance Technician III : February 2017- August 2018

My role supported learning environments and teaching technologies for UW Seattle, including technical support to more than 300 general-use classrooms. I developed applications and systems to track the work of student reports, technology, and automate reporting between teams. The key responsibility of this position is to conduct preventative maintenance and discover problems before they happen, including networked computers, live sound, projection, routing, wireless video, and more. For our team, I also generated performance analytics and repaired issues as needed.

Verge of Brilliance

Technical Sound Design Intern : June 2017-September 2017 

For Melody VR, I was able to implement an audio system and build a polyphonic multi-sampler for a marimba instrument.  Original solutions (fmod) were too latent, and pure-data was selected to build inside of the Unity project and launch us over the uncanny valley.  Melody VR shipped on Steam for HTC Vive on October 5, 2017.


Sound and Technology Specialist : May 2015-Febraury 2017

My research in digital music pedagogy at foundry10 explores the advantages of studying digital music for youth.  Ableton and Push are at the center of the toolset utilized to explore remixing, sampling, sound design, composition, and performance.  Curious about how technology can expedite skill and ability and inspire youth to be creative, foundry10's work is both philanthropic and scientific. 

Digital Media Academy

Instructor : July 2016

At this University of Washington summer youth program, I led four week long courses, including: 

*Intro to Gaming and Programming, Ages 6-8
*Beat and Digital Music Production, Teens
*Digital Filmmaking, Teens
*Intro to Game Programming with Python, Teens

Audio Alchemist

Content Producer and Brand Manager : June 2015-December 2015

I designed a variety of online and print media for high-end analog pro-audio brands including Dangerous Music, Retro Instruments, and Glyph Technologies. 

Laptop Battle

Executive Producer : January 2015-June 2016

Laptop Battle was a passion project that brought me to Seattle in 2005.  After producing a spin off event in Salt Lake City, I moved to Seattle to be part of the digital music community.  I began as a stage manager and performed as a competitor until 2010.  In 2015 and 2016 I produced Laptop Battle events and created a web app for artists to compete and qualify online.

Downbeat Dojo

Founder, Lead Producer : October 2014- September 2015

I formed Downbeat Dojo in 2014 as an avenue for teaching audio production skills to adults. Specializing in Ableton Live software, many students are building successful music careers.  In a partnership with, I designed eight hours of video content on Ableton Live, titled "Ableton Tips And Tricks with Andrew Luck".

Music Group - Behringer USA

Product Support Specialist DJ US, Technical Support Administrator : July 2011-November 2013

At Behringer, I evangelized and specialized in the DJ product vertical and assisted in the product launch of CMD line of MIDI controllers. In this position, I travelled twice monthly to major U.S. Markets, providing retail training. Maintaining online support for customers and retailers when not on the road, I was commended for consistently being under budget, designing effective and innovative promotion strategies, and promoted for delivering excellent customer support.

Microsoft via Filter Talent

Direct Marketing Producer, Software Test Engineer : April 2006-January 2009

At Microsoft, I completed four contracts, focusing on entertainment verticals. Highlights included team calendar management for ten content producers, time sensitive publishing, customer retention editorial, asset management, marketing audio and video content, and building playlists for highly visible online experiences.

Test engineering experiences included creating and executing test plans for Zune's security, fidelity, and verification for software and firmware features, audio, video, and social messaging.

All positions used, developed and tested internals tools for CMS, content creation, and publishing.


Content Producer/Editorial : October 2005-February 2006

My position created weekly editorial content and marketing newsletters for Target. Loudeye was a key aggregator for the delivery of online content to iTunes, Windows Media, and more.  Our team managed music content developed a download service for mp3.

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Audio Visual Technician/Special Events and Entertainment Coordinator : July 2003-July 2005

At Snowbird, I planned and executed over fifty special events, including festivals, music, theater, and holiday activities.  Beginning as an AV technician, these skills helped meet the technical needs of our contract performers and entertainers.