UW Husky Dawg Daze Photo Booth

Husky Dawg Daze is a series of events for incoming freshmen at University of Washington.  Myself and collaborator Julie Cruse created this photo booth to give the students an interactive way to commemorate this exciting time of their life.

Programming Design

Created with Max MSP in Jitter, I was able to bring together motion tracking from the dp.kinekt package and an excellent tutorial from the Cycling74 website on the jit.gl.mesh object.  Data from the hand positions allows the user to displace the polygons like a broken mirror.  When all hands in the scene are detected above a certain threshold on the Y-axis, a countdown timer ensues to capture a still moment.  Jit.gl.node was utilized to composite all layers, including the W.  The microphone input was set to a loudness threshold that detected the beat of the music, and each time the music or sound peaked above that threshold, the polygons would change shapes randomly.