Narrative Biography

Andrew Luck is a computer musician, hacker, instructor, and community organizer living in Seattle, Washington.  Born in the rural Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, music, videos games, and television fueled a burning curiosity for other cultures.  Sharing media’s potential for learning and expression is a driving force to his community building and expression.  

At Appalachian State University, Andrew studied media literacy and explored the balance of simulacra in non-fiction video.  It was at this time Andrew began creating computer music and DJing acousmatic dance music. Multimedia production has enabled him to promote and produce music and community events since 2000.

Fascinated and inspired by the energy nascent technology inspires amongst creative communities, Andrew moved to Seattle in 2005 to work in a thriving technology economy and participate in an artistic cluster.  Seattle’s Laptop Battle music competition was a blossoming network, full of innovation and bombastic personality.  Eventually he would take the reins of this production for 2015 and 2016, after assisting with production and performing as a competitor.

Between 2009 and 2014 Andrew joined forces with Adam Houghton to form the musical duo SPLATINUM.  With Adam, he released over sixty original tracks and remixes, accruing over half a million streams between Soundcloud and YouTube.  Their touring adventures took them through the United States and Canada, performing at a variety of festivals and events, including Bumbershoot, Decibel, Cascadia, Burning Man, Photosynthesis, and more.

In 2014 Andrew ventured back into education and research.  After a decade of work in industry on products and events for music and entertainment, research presented a unique and exciting growth opportunity.  Simultaneously, Andrew discovered the second wave of virtual reality, and in his work, observed young students creating music with technology at an invigorating pace.  Expressing musical ideas and building songs was expedited with technology and new musical interfaces.  This inspired a pivot into creating musical worlds and interfaces in VR, a promising new computing platform, that will be highly accessible.

Andrew found a way into hackathons, as a sound designer and musician. Currently, he is an avid participant in the Seattle VR community, attending and competing in hackathons regularly.  He has won four awards in Seattle VR Hackathons since 2016. Andrew organizes meetups for Seattle’s Ableton user group, with over 1,000 active members, and in 2017 launched a user group for Seattle creatives exploring Cycling74’s Max environment.  He is a Certified Ableton Trainer and Unity Certified Developer.

Many of the answers and tools Andrew discovered for immersive environments and 3D audio were discovered in academic research.  In 2017, he began work at the University of Washington, to be closer to higher education and begin his postgraduate journey.

Actively building and creating tools that empower people to improvise musical interactions in immersive environments is Andrew’s current mission.  These environments aim to be social, educational, expressive, and spatial. Andrew believes in immersive arts’ potential for new and unique interactions with sound, both visual and spatial.